A Report from ‎ACERO‬ Headquarters – England, United Kingdom

“ACERO is the only organisation we can rely on to help us in these very difficult times” – Cor-bishop Yosip Benyamin.

ACERO has continued its longstanding support programme for ‎Assyrian‬ refugees residing in Jordan this Christmas with a major package of medical, financial and children’s support.

In December 2015 ACERO provided continued support to the hundreds of Assyrian refugees in Jordan with a particular focus on providing medication and assisting with hospital expenses for the very sick. We have received a large number of photographs and medical reports on the effectiveness of this support but will respect the privacy and dignity of the recipients by not publishing these details.

With ACERO’s support, a Christmas and New Year celebration was organized in Amman, Jordan. During the social function, 196 families received financial support for medical and living expenses. All children present were delighted by the festiveties and received Christmas gifts.

Our long-time collaborator, The Very Rev’d Cor-bishop Yosip Benyamin, himself a refugee displaced by conflict in the Nineveh Plains writes to #ACERO saying:

” … we appeal, in the name of humanity, please continue and maintain your support for the needy and the sick … also help us to treat the very ill … ACERO is the only organisation we can rely on to help us in these very difficult times.”

Will you respond to his appeal? Please continue to support this good work by making a small donation today at: www.theacero.org/donate

Funds donated online reach ACERO Headquarters in England, United Kingdom swiftly and securely and can be disbursed to those in need within 48 hours. It is the most efficient way to make a contribution.