A Report from ACERO Headquarters, London, United Kingdom

Between April 25-29, ACERO Secretary Andy Darmoo visited the Assyrian refugee community in Amman, Jordan assessing the ongoing needs of the displaced and ACERO’s aid projects in the country.

The trip coincided with the Strategic Consultation on Leadership, Education & Development, a conference on the growing needs, pressures and challenges facing the Church in the Middle East, convened by ACERO’s long-time project partner, The Barnabas Fund. The conference was attended by many Christian charity groups and organisations and ACERO was pleased to have been invited to participate.

During the visit, Mr Darmoo, accompanied by Mr Paul Mersilan from the Barnabas Fund attended a function organised by the Assyrian Church of the East community in Amman, under the leadership of The Very Rev’d Cor-bishop Yosip Benyamin. The event was held at the Latin Convent Hall in the presence of The Rev’d Fr Khalil Jaar (priest of the Latin Church). At the function, support was distributed to 290 Assyrian families. This aid was targeted at the most vulnerable families and those who require ongoing medical treatment. All families expressed their appreciation to ACERO and its partner organisations for the support having been provided to them over the course of the last years.

Mr Darmoo and Cor-bishop Yosip also visited very ill individuals and a number of bereaved families who had lost family members during their time in Jordan. The situation for these communities is desperate with many having been stranded in the country for years awaiting processing of refugee and humanitarian claims by the United Nations and other countries including Australia and the United States.

ACERO extends its appreciation to all our supporters who made this work possible. In particular, we acknowledge the assistance of The Barnabas Fund and Miss Juliana Taimoorazy of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council (United States) for their continued support of Assyrian refugee communities in Jordan and Turkey.

The needs of this community remain desperate and immense. A large number of refugees require ongoing treatment including chemotherapy, various surgeries and consultations for heart conditions amongst other matters. ACERO must urgently raise funds to meet these pressing needs for 20 persons whose situation is critical. Please continue to support these people by making a small contribution at the ‘donate’ page.