ACERO this week took receipt of a major humanitarian consignment prepared and donated for the benefit of displaced Assyrians in Iraq by the Iranian Red Crescent Society.

This consignment included 3000 blankets, 1000 mats, 5 tonnes of sugar, 5 tonnes of cereals and 10,000 pieces of canned foods. ACERO has already arranged appropriate storage for the cargo and will swiftly implement a distribution programme for all items throughout Northern Iraq.

We wish to express our profound thanks to the Iranian Red Crescent Society and its Director General Mansooreh Bagheri for this act of humanitarian solidarity with the Assyrian people. Our particular thanks also to The Honorable Yonathan Betkolia, MP, Assyrian representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran (Iranian Majlis), the Assyrian Universal Alliance as well as Mr Edwin and Ms Nancy of Iran who all helped facilitate this worthy program.