ACERO is delighted to report on its most recent aid distribution in support of displaced Assyrian Christians in Amman, Jordan.

In partnership with our project partner the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, ACERO distributed financial aid to 125 refugees most of whom are suffering from serious and chronic medical issues requiring ongoing treatment. Aid was also distributed to support the educational expenses of students studying in Jordan.

Representatives of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council led by Ms Juliana Taimoorazy visited Amman and were welcomed by The Rev’d Fr Shmoel A. Maqdis, parish priest in charge of the Mission of the Assyrian Church of the East in Jordan. Fr Shmoel has worked extensively with ACERO during his tenure as a parish priest in Baghdad and subsequently in Jordan.

We extend our deepest thanks to the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, Ms Taimoorazy and all supporters of both organizations for making this life giving charitable work possible. Thanks also to Fr Shmoel who has been tireless in his efforts to give hope and support to his faithful.