ACERO is delighted to have continued its lengthy programme of support for displaced Assyrians throughout Turkey. In recent weeks, ACERO distributed financial aid to 250 persons (from 51 families) across 10 different Turkish cities.

ACERO is indebted to our project partner, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) for its support of this project and other support of humanitarian relief for Assyrian refugees in Turkey.

Writing directly to ACERO headquarters, our on-the-ground representatives states:

“It has been more than two years that ACERO began helping the refugees in Turkey. Every time ACERO and ICRC send the help, people are happy and grateful for this magnificent work … there are no words to express our feelings and the people’s gratitude to ACERO and ICRC. We had many sick, handicapped and needy families. ACERO and ICRC did not hesitate (not even once) in helping these families. I would like to give these two amazing organizations a huge thanks.”

These words from the refugee community in Turkey speak for themselves. Your support is a lifeline for those most in need.