ACERO is proud to be supporting Assyrian communities throughout the Middle East in these times of crisis and displacement.

With the cooperation of our long-time collaborator, The Very Rev’d Cor-episcopa Yousif Benyamin, ACERO has implemented a relief campaign for 140 families who have fled the conflict in Mosul and the Nineveh Plains to the Jordanian capital Amman. The Very Rev’d Cor-episcopa and his family were themselves displaced from their parish of St Shmoni located in the town of Telkaif. The condition of the church and Christian homes in the town is still unknown.

With ACERO’s financial support aid was distributed to 140 families and a colorful and energetic Christmas celebration was held to enhance the spirits of the displaced children. Gifts were given to all children present.

Since the aid was distributed, the number of families in need have increased to 166 meaning much more assistance is necessary to ensure the daily needs of the families are met. The case in Jordan is particularly acute given the high cost of living.

In a letter to ACERO, The Rev’d Cor-bishop wrote:

“On this occasion, I wish on behalf of all families to thank those who donated, especially for children’s Christmas parties and presents, as was done in Telkeif, Iraq. Now you are kindly doing the same in Jordan. These parties are important for the children. They will give them peace and happiness, as the experienced fear and trauma, having escaped their homes, churches, and their country Iraq. We pray our Lord to protect you and help you in your daily lives.”