ACERO is delighted to announce the latest chapter in its work to support Assyrian Christian families displaced by conflict in the Nineveh Plains and northern Iraq. Work is almost complete on 8-12 prefabricated homes which are being erected on the grounds of ACERO’s existing Dohuk Housing Complex. These high-quality homes will provide a more permanent response to the ongoing displacement of families who are yet to return to their towns and villages due to the security situation in Iraq.

Families who will take residence in these prefabricated homes include those moving from ACERO’s existing Sawra Village project near Semele. In recent months ACERO’s agreement with a local landlord for the use of the land on which Sawra Village sits has elapsed. We regret that the landlord’s offer to sell the land for an exorbitant and unreasonable price was unacceptable and not within ACERO’s means. As such, this facility will soon close at its current location. With some families already having returned to their towns and others having moved elsewhere or emigrated outside of Iraq, #ACERO used this opportunity to provide the remaining families with a more permanent outcome.

Residents of the new prefabricated homes in Dohuk will have access to their own facilities, water tanks and other amenities. They will continue to reside at the location free of charge and receive regular humanitarian aid. With the new families who will take up residence at the Dohuk Complex, the total number will now exceed 50 families.

As part of the extensions to the Dohuk facility, we are also pleased to report that a bakery will soon open and commence production. The bakery is situated next to the small supermarket and hall/cafeteria which are already at the Complex.

As always, we extend our immense thanks to Dr Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Fund who worked directly with #ACERO to operate Sawra Village for nearly two and a half years. The kindness, generosity and support of this tremendous organisation will never be forgotten. The organization has been at the forefront of supporting displaced and suffering Assyrian Christians throughout the Middle East. We also thank Mr Pnoel Youkhana and the SALT Foundation who have contributed generously to the new project in Dohuk.