ACERO’s recently established Istanbul Chapter, in coordination with ACERO headquarters in the United Kingdom, has escalated its aid efforts for Assyrian refugees displaced throughout Turkey. This responds to the immense need of the Assyrian families in these areas. ACERO’s most recent aid distributions in March and April included direct campaigns in the following locations:

– Kurtuluş (Istanbul): 57 families
– Çankırı (8 hours from Istanbul): 41 families
– Afyon: 36 families
– Tokat and Amasya (suburbs of Istanbul): 20 families totalling 73 persons
– Samsun (8 hours from Istanbul): 15 families
– Duzja (3 hours from Istanbul): 14 families

Despite the logistical difficulties involved, ACERO’s youthful Istanbul Chapter members are working tirelessly to reach as many families-in-need as possib;e. ACERO’s active work is now an ongoing project and have provided significant aid to date.