Despite heavy rains and flooding, ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter distributed significant aid to three locations on 20 October 2014:

– Bagereh (15 Kilometers from Dohuk) – 28 Families
– Kori Gavana (17 Kilometers from Dohuk) – 50 Families
– Borsa Exchange Financial Centre – 22 Families

Weather conditions continue to deteriorate and navigation of roads and villages becomes more challenging daily.

In Iraq to supervise relief efforts, ACERO Secretary Andy Darmoo states: “We want to take the time to thank all ACERO supporters that make days like today possible. We thank our supporters from around the world, including Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and especially those who have donated to ACERO online; this being the most direct and effective way to help our brothers and sisters here on the ground”.

While the world slowly forgets the plight of Iraq’s Christians, their situation continues to worsen. Please don’t forget them.