ACERO continues to expand its ongoing aid program for displaced Assyrian families in Turkey, recently adding Kırıkkale (80 kilometers east of Ankara) to the list of locations reached.

Our most recent project involved the distribution of financial aid to 43 families (171 persons) who are living in dire conditions, unable to find employment and in desperate need of support services. As with all ACERO projects, additional financial relief is provided to those individuals who have special needs, including medical issues and disabilities.

Through the assistance of our collaborator, The Very Rev’d Cor-episcopa Yousif Benyamen and the active work of our tireless partners on the ground, ACERO has reached 8 cities across Turkey since the commencement of our aid work in the country in 2014. Many of these cities are difficult to reach, with some being up to 9 hours away from Istanbul.

As always, these projects are possible only because of the continuous generosity of our supporters. Please remember that any contribution, great or small will help us to reach those most in need.