“ACERO is saving many people from actual poverty; thank you for your perfect gift” – Assyrian refugee in Turkey.

These are the touching words received in a message from members of our Turkey Chapter who this week concluded another aid distribution campaign in the country.

Chapter members visited Yozgat Province in the Central Anatolia Region, 170km east of Istanbul on 15 August to carry out the campaign. Following the arduous 9-hour journey, our team distributed aid to 37 families (144 individuals) who are bearing the burden of very difficult circumstances. They continue to be in desperate need of financial and medical aid just to survive. Those who received aid from ACERO thanked the Chapter members for the excellent work they are doing.

While we are doing our best, reaching the thousands of refugees is a heavy task. Their needs in this time of crisis are overwhelming. What we have done to date is only possible through the generosity of our supporters. We wish we could do more!

May God bless our brothers and sisters in need and give us the ability to continue to help them.