With the support of our institutional project partner the Barnabas Fund, ACERO has provided support during the December Christmas period to the Order of Discalced Carmelite Friars in Iraq for the implementation of a number of relief programs.

Through the commendable efforts of Fr Ghadir Karamli and Sister Mayada, relief programs were implemented to support displaced Christians from the Chaldean Catholic community and the Yazidi community.

Food rations and Christmas gifts were distributed to needy persons in Baghdad and Dohuk and a half-day recreation program was also hosted in the same locations. The total project value amounted to $20,000USD.

This builds on the significant work done supporting all of Iraq’s minority Christian communities in 2014 including those from the Assyrian Church of the East, Chaldean Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Fr Ghadir, offered his thanks to “so many benefactors who know how to give hope in the midst of this tragic situation. In the name of all the refugees … an infinite thanks”.