ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter turned its focus to education once again by sponsoring summer school classes in three parishes of the Assyrian Church of the East across the Capital. The sponsorship of this programme was in partnership with the Assyrian Christian Compassion Ministry (ACCM).

Between June-September 2017, classes were held across St. Mary’s, St Odisho and St Mari the Apostle Parishes where children attending were taught Religious Studies and the Assyrian language. The classes were run by volunteers and were attended by many of the children living in the area.

The Summer programme culminated in a beautiful graduation ceremony where each student was presented with a gift and a graduation certificate by Rev Fr. Behnam Ishak of St Mary’s Parish.

We express our immense thanks to the ACCM, Cor-Bishop Awgin Hurmiz Dawood and to Mr Salman Spanya and the ACERO Chapter team in Baghdad for implementing such important projects for the education of our youth and the preservation of our faith and language in the Homeland.