“We extend our thanks and appreciation to Barnabas for their role in drawing a smile and bringing joy to the hearts of the people of our Church. You have given us hope and we congratulate the efforts of all the workers of ACERO”
– Salman Spanya, Chairman, ACERO committee Baghdad

We are delighted to report that we have completed the first phase of a Barnabas Fund sponsored aid programme across the blessed city of Baghdad. As the capital of our homeland, and with so many of our sacred churches still triumphantly standing across the city, it is and will continue to be ACERO’s mission to reach out to our people living there.

Financial aid for the sick and most vulnerable and food distributions across 5 churches have taken place over the last few months. We have also attended to the needs of our residents at the Camp El Gelany elderly home.

In its second phase, this large scale programme will include additional financial aid for students to go towards tuition fees, travel, books and stationary.

Parishioners gathered at the churches of Mar Odisho, Mart Mariam, Mar Qardakh, Mar Mari and Mar Gewargis, all located across the capital. These blessed churches are currently under the stewardship of Rev’d Cor-bishop Awgin Hurmiz, Rev’d Fr. Behnam Ishak and Rev. Dr. Aprim Pilipos. We thank them for their continuous cooperation with our committee in Baghdad – Mr Salman Spanya (Chairman), Edward Rowel, Constantin Yokhana, and Ramina Athneil, whose tireless work has made our projects in our beloved homeland possible.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Barnabas Fund for this sponsored programme. For over a decade they have championed our work, supported our projects and have made many of our largest projects possible. Thanks to all our donors who have helped us reach thousands of vulnerable people who need our help across the Middle East.