The blessed parish of Mar Gewargis in Kirkuk under the stewardship of Rev. Fr. Gewargis Yousep have begun weekly Christian classes for our children living in the city as well as distributing aid to a number of needy families.

This fantastic programme championed by the parish priest and a group of dedicated members is all in the name of promoting, preserving and enhancing the children’s knowledge and understanding of their Christian faith. Core subjects which are taught at their schools are also covered as well as the liturgy of the Assyrian Church of the East. Over 75 children are enjoying lessons in Bible studies, hymns and language as well as music, science and arts & crafts.

In the absence of a church owned shuttle, ACERO are delighted to have worked with Rev Fr. Gewargis to help with transportation costs for the children to attend the classes both to and from the church. ACERO has also provided funding for essential writing and crafts materials such as paper, books, pencils, paints and glue as well as providing snacks for the children during recess.

Our most sincere thanks go to all our donors and our dedicated partners at Barnabas Fund for their continued support in these important projects. In the aftermath of war, loss, poverty and suffering, such projects are essential in ensuring that our Saviour, Jesus Christ is at the centre of these children’s lives, giving them the faith and courage to flourish, the knowledge to achieve and the hope to dream and prosper.