On 28 April 2015, members of ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter visited The Martyr’s Church in Semele, conducting an event for displaced children. These events are organised to address the social and psychological impacts of conflict on the children and provide them with joy despite their circumstances.

ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter Chairman Odisho Dawood was joined at the event by The Rev’d Fr Akhiqar (Parish Priest) and ACERO Secretary Mr Andy Darmoo, visiting from the United Kingdom.

100 children were in attendance along with many of their mothers. Financial assistance was provided to each child to enable them the dignity and freedom to expend the aid for education purposes at their and their parent’s discretion.

The Martyr’s Church of the Assyrian Church of the East in Semele is home to more than 60 Christian families and number of non-Christian families who were displaced from their ancestral villages in the Nineveh Plains in mid-2014.