Joy Amidst the Darkness; ACERO’s Christmas 2014 Campaign in Iraq

2014 was a year of unprecedented turmoil and hardship for Assyrian and other Christian minority communities of Iraq.

Thanks to generous supporters like you and our institutional project partners ACERO has been at the forefront of the response on a number of fronts. We have distributed aid and implemented relief programs during 2014 in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Greece with these projects totaling about $1 million USD in distributed funds.

Bablo, Dohuk
With ACERO’s financial support a Christmas celebration was hosted for Internally Displaced children and their families in the Assyrian village of Bablo, Dohuk on 3 January 2014. The event was held at St Joseph’s Church in the village. Christmas gifts were distributed to 70 children present. 50 displaced families currently residing in the village church premises and surroundings are provided with ongoing food, clothing and housing support.