Through its Building Fund, ACERO has completed construction/refurbishment works on St George Church in the Assyrian village of Bedyal in Northern Iraq. These works were intended to repair dilapidated and structurally unsound parts of the building and to make the church safer for the parishioners who worship in it regularly.

Prior to ACERO’s funding of the work, the church was in a very bad condition with loose wires and connections present and a damaged roof which caused leakages into electrified areas.

Through ACERO funding, the following was completed:

1. Rewiring electrical connections to make them safer
2. Fixing the roof to make is more stable and less prone to leaks
3. Painting the whole church
4. Repairing and painting pews and other seating in the church

The Rev’d Fr Yatron Younan Dawood, the local Parish Priest, expressed his gratitude to ACERO on behalf of the 20 families who reside permanently in the village.