ACERO’s Northern Iraq Chapter has launched a major aid campaign for approximately 200 families living in Diana. On 24th August, families gathered at St. George’s Assyrian Church of the East, under the stewardship of Rev. Qasha Yatron Yonan to receive essential food parcels.

In attendance were also Fredoun Benjamin, Treasurer, ACERO US and Andy Darmoo, Secretary, ACERO Worldwide.

Each parcel contained food essentials such as rice, oil, tea and sugar as well as other household essentials. These parcels were received with gratitude and all recipients expressed their delight at the prospect of future support from ACERO within the area, especially for the children living there who range from primary to secondary school age.

Our thanks go once again to our project partner The Barnabas Fund and all our donors who have continued to give generously in support of the #Assyrian people during these difficult times.