Residents at the ACERO Dohuk Housing Complex have recently benefitted from vital aid for utilities and for the promotion of education with thanks to the generosity of brother Vladimir Moghadassi and all at the Assyrian Evangelical Church of San Jose (AECSJ).

With the generous donation of the AECSJ, members of our Dohuk Chapter were able to supply vital fuel for utilities in the premises. In an area where power outages are extremely common, this basic commodity has been absolutely essential in improving the living conditions of the residents at the complex.

This contribution by the AECSJ has also covered the travel expenses of the 30 school children residing in the complex who will now be able to travel to and from school by bus.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all at the AECSJ for this act of generosity which has helped so many of our people who need it.

We would also like to thank our donors and supporters in the UK for yet again organising a large shipment of much needed warm clothing and children’s clothing to be sent to our complex for distribution. These were a welcomed arrival and all that received them expressed the gratitude especially during these winter months.