We are delighted to report that during the blessed festive season, food parcels and presents were distributed amongst families and children in Dohuk, Northern Iraq.

Children in the city were treated to a visit from Santa and welcomed him with laughter and applause and shouted ‘we love Santa’ and asking him ‘what have you brought us?’!

Children, parents and the Committee on the ground expressed their gratitude for the festivities stating ‘We thank ACERO and Barnabas for all their help and for bringing smiles to the children’s faces at Christmas’.

Food parcels were distributed to 110 families in both Dohuk and the surrounding towns and villages.

We are once again grateful to Barnabas Fund for their sponsorship of this food program which has helped thousands of families throughout the last year. It has brought an abundance of happiness to men, women and children who have been displaced and who have needed it the most, in particular during the winter months and throughout the festive season.