During Easter 2015, ACERO implemented an aid campaign in Kirkuk, Iraq with the support of our longtime collaborator, The Rev’d Fr Gewargis Yosip Yosip, Priest of St George’s Church of the Assyrian Church of the East in Kirkuk. ACERO has a long-running support programme for the Assyrian community of the city.

As part of the program, ACERO distributed direct financial aid to 46 Assyrian families. Learning also of the desperate plight of 16 children from St John the Baptist’s Church of the Ancient Church of the East (Old Calendar), ACERO took swift action to provide support to them as well. We also became aware of a number of other particularly dire cases in Kirkuk where representatives were sent to meet with Assyrian families who were provided appropriate aid commensurate with the condition of the families.

Are you an Assyrian originally from Kirkuk? In this time of need for our people in Kirkuk and Iraq more broadly, please don’t forget your brothers and sisters.