We are delighted to report that we have been able to once again help our community in Jordan. Approximately 370 families currently seeking refuge there were given financial assistance. In addition to this, 170 people with a variety of illnesses, some of which are terminal, were also given aid to go towards medicines and medical bills.

ACERO’s role in assisting displaced persons continues to be essential in Jordan given the concentration of people currently residing there. In Amman the number of displaced families has risen dramatically.

Our sincerest thanks go once again to the Assyrian Christian Compassion Ministry (ACCM) of San Jose for their contribution to this project and also to the parishioners of Mar Gewargis Church, Chicago, who gathered together to raise funds for this cause.

Our projects in Jordan are co-ordinated by the Very Rev’d Cor-bishop Awgin Dawood along with our Jordan Chapter committee. They work tirelessly to ensure each and every displaced person receives the help they need, especially for the sick. Referring to the people of Jordan, Rev. Awgin writes:

‘The people here have given us a bright picture of strong faith, although their circumstances are difficult but they still were able to participate in huge numbers in the ceremonies we held in Church. For their role in reserving their faith, it’s our role to show them that the Church hasn’t forgotten about them, and that ACERO was created to embrace like these people. We have all the appreciation to whom is helping through ACERO’

We echo his words in thanking all our partners and supporters for their generosity, loyalty and love for our organisation and our people throughout the world.