At the request of the Assyrian Church of the East, Archdiocese of India, ACERO has embarked on a major medical project in partnership with the Mar Timotheus Charitable Hospital (MTCH) in Thrissur, India. In a function held on 22 August 2015 and presided over by H.B. Mar Aprem Metropolitan and with the participation of H.G. Mar Awgin Kuriakose (Bishop of India) and H.G. Mar Paulus Benjamin (Bishop of Eastern USA), a range of new technical medical machinery and equipment was inaugurated.

Through funds donated to ACERO and reserved for this purpose, ACERO was able to fund the purchase of 7 pieces of modern medical equipment. The first 3 purchased as a matter of high priority were: a Digital X-Ray Machine with X-Ray Printer, a Blood Cell-Counter and an Auto-Analyzer. The other 4 machines are currently on order and to be installed.

Writing to ACERO, H.G. Mar Awgin Kurkikose noted: “We remember with heartfelt appreciation and acknowledge with gratitude the contributions made by our ACERO community who made this event possible. You have extended your helping hand to the Hospital at its most crucial juncture when its very existence/survival was a question to its management.” At the same time, H.B. Mar Aprem Metropolitan noted that this donation is in the memory of His Holiness the late Mar Dinkha IV of Blessed Memory who inaugurated the Hospital in January 1991.

It is noteworthy that the main objective of this institution is to serve the poor of the church and society especially in and around the area of the Hospital. The following departments are functioning under able, experienced and qualified doctors: 1. General Medicine 2. Pediatrics 3. Orthopedic 4. Psychology and Counseling 5. Physiotherapy and 6. 24-hour Working Casualty. Gynecology and Surgery are to be added in the near future. The following facilities are also available at the hospital: 1. Operation Theater 2. Labour Room 3. Clinical Laboratory 4. Pharmacy 5. X-Ray 6. ECG 7. ICU 8. Ultrasound Scanning and 9. Ambulance Services.

The Hospital requires a major renovation, a new ambulance and the addition of new departments among other measures. Some of the facilities are periodically upgraded but many are obsolete and need to be equipped with new machines to cope with present challenges and demands in the medical field. The financial burden of operating this charitable institution is heavy. It is entirely reliant on donations from India and abroad.

Those wishing to support the Hospital with a donation can contact ACERO directly for further information or make a donation via with a note directing the contribution to ‘MTCH – India’.