With ACERO’s support, the Mission of the Assyrian Church of the East in Jordan held a Mother’s Day celebration for Assyrian refugees on 22 March 2015. The event was intended to honour Assyrian mothers and lift the spirits of the displaced community.

Under the direction of Cor-bishop Yosip Benyamin the occasion included speeches, Assyrian hymns and poetry as well as celebratory festivities and competitions. Cash and children’s gifts were also distributed. The ceremony was concluded with prayers being offered for all mothers during this trying period of displacement.

Cor-bishop Yosip Benyamin, himself a displaced refugee from the Nineveh Plains, has worked tirelessly in support of the Assyrian community in Jordan. Writing to ACERO, the Cor-bishop offered “all my thanks and appreciation to ACERO” for its sponsorship of this Mother’s Day event. ACERO has an established ongoing aid programme for Assyrians in Jordan.