Our sincere and deepest gratitude goes to our partners at Barnabas Fund for their sponsorship of a Nationwide aid programme in Iraq.

Over the last few months, ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter members have been working tirelessly to complete the first phase of this programme in Dohuk and its neighbouring towns and villages.

In excess of 120 families have received aid in a variety of ways and where it is needed most. Food parcels have been distributed as well as financial contributions towards medical bills and contributions to funeral costs. The most vulnerable displaced persons, including widows, children and people with disabilities have also received additional aid to help towards medication and utility bills.

In addition to this, we would like to thank ACERO supporter Mrs Nahren Rogers of London, UK for organising a shipment of clothing and children’s toys to be delivered to ACEROs Dohuk Housing Complex. These were distributed amongst residents and other displaced persons in the area.

This is an ongoing programme and we will keep you updated on its progress. We are sincerely grateful to all our supporters, partners and donors, without which this work would not be possible.