ACERO Baghdad Aid Programme Expanded

June 10th, 2017|

ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter has continued to implement its ever growing aid programme for Assyrian Christians in Iraq’s capital.

This long-suffering community is in ongoing need to support which ACERO is working to provide.

In recent times, ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter has focused on providing financial support to the elderly and infirm, particularly those suffering from chronic conditions which require treatment.

ACERO is also pleased to continue its auspice of the Home for the Elderly located in Camp Al-Gailany. Particular support to this institution includes food, financial and medical aid on an ongoing basis.

We offer our tremendous thanks to Barnabas Fund who has provided ongoing support to this work and has committed to continue its support into the future. Our thanks also to generous supporters from around the world who contribute via this website.

ACERO Sponsors Celebration in Baghdad, Iraq Honouring Church Deacons

February 15th, 2017|

ACERO was honoured to recently support a celebration in Baghdad, Iraq on the occasion of the Commemoration of St Stephen the Protomaytr. The function, held at St Odisho’s Church in Baghdad was attended by His Holiness Mar Gewargis III, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East along with Baghdad parish priests, Rev’d Fr Awgin, Rev’d Fr Aphrem and Rev’d Fr Behnam. A large number of church faithful were also present.

The function was hosted in the parish hall following the Holy Qurbana. With the support of #ACERO, presentations were made in honour of all deacons. His Holiness the Catholicos-Patriarch spoke thanking all the Deacons for their devoted service to the Holy Church and then cut a celebratory cake.

Parish Priest, The Rev’d Fr Aphrem also spoke about #ACERO and its goals and thanked the humanitarian organisation for its ongoing support of the Assyrian community of Baghdad.

In closing the function, His Holiness invoke the Lord’s blessings upon all faithful and blessed the following Deacons for their service to the Holy Church and community of God:

Deacon Zia of St Mari Church, Alameen
Deacon Dr Edmon of St Mary Church, Al-Naaeriya
Deacon Jameel of St Mari Church, Alameen
Deacon Ramzi of St Mari Church, Alameen
Deacon Johnny of St Odisho Church, Al-Sinnaa
Deacon Marogy of St Mary Church, Al-Naaeriya
Deacon Ashur of St George Church, Al-Dora
Deacon Sargon of St George Church, Al-Dora
Deacon Ewan of St George Church, Al-Dora

Christmas Aid Distribution at 4 Baghdad Churches

January 7th, 2017|

ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter has continued its close work with parish priests in Baghdad to support needy families living in the city for the Christmas season.

Hundreds of families received financial aid across four parishes in the city; St Mari Church of Al-Amin Al-Thaniya, St Odisho Church of Garage Al-Amana, St Qardakh Church of Camp Al-Gailany and St George Church of Dora.

We are grateful to Rev’d Fr Awgin Hurmiz, Rev’d Fr Aprem Alkhori and Rev’d Fr Behnam Ishak for the tireless work they are doing in reaching all their parishioners who rely on ACERO’s help.

We again thank Mr Salman Spanya and his ACERO team in Baghdad for the support they are providing on the ground in implementing our aid projects.

ACERO Hosts Christmas Party for 230 Children in Amman, Jordan

January 2nd, 2017|

ACERO has brought the joyous spirit of Christmas to hundreds of refugee Assyrian Christian children in Amman, Jordan. Under the direction of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil, ACERO’s Jordan Chapter hosted 230 children and their parents for a function held on Friday 30 December at the Deir el-Latin Church Hall in Amman.

The festivities commenced with a prayer and speeches, including from Fr Shmoel who expressed his thanks and gratitude to ACERO for its continued support of the refugee Assyrian community in Jordan. The function continued with a range of games and competitions before each child was presented with a gift from Father Christmas.

ACERO expresses its thanks to Fr Shmoel and the ACERO Chapter team for their tireless support of displaced refugee families. They have brought light into the darkness and made this blessed festive season one of celebration for our brothers, sisters and children in Jordan.

Christmas Concert and Services for Assyrian Refugees – Jordan

December 20th, 2016|

With ACERO’s support, the Mission of the Assyrian Church of the East in Amman, Jordan held a special Christmas service for Assyrian refugees on 17th December and a beautiful evening of Christmas hymns and praise on 14th December.

These events attracted a large number of parishioners despite the adverse weather conditions in Jordan. These social and cultural functions form part of a wider programme of support being given to Assyrian refugees in Jordan during the Christmas period.

Under the direction of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil these celebratory events work to lift the spirits of people living in extremely difficult conditions and to acknowledge individuals in Jordan who are working hard to assist refugees.

The event programme’s included speeches, sermons, Christmas carols/hymns as well as the presentation of prizes and gifts.

The Rev’d From Shmoel has written to ACERO offering his thanks for its continued support during the holy season.

ACERO has an established ongoing aid programme for Assyrians in Jordan and would welcome your support. Please consider making a small contribution in the spirit of Christmas at the donate page.

Turkey Campaign and Appeal Update – 40 Families

December 11th, 2016|

“Thank you is just not enough to express our gratitude towards you” – ACERO aid recipient

ACERO’s ongoing aid programme throughout Turkey continues to be implemented actively. Our Turkey Chapter representative, Christina Sanhareeb has reported in the last month that the Chapter team is inundated with requests for help as the winter came very early in Turkey. This has meant a rise (sometimes double) in utility bills. She also reported that most of the refugees in Turkey are unable to find work and sustain themselves.

She has reported that 40 families, 15 of which have handicapped members or members with illnesses that require medication, are in desperate need of help. The number of refugees in Turkey continues to rise with an additional 10 families having arrived in the region of Tokat alone in the last couple of months.

Writing to ACERO’s UK headquarters, the Turkey Chapter reports:

“From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who is involved to help our people and we really appreciate it. Thank you is just not enough to express our gratitude towards you. People are so grateful to ACERO since it’s helping us for a year and 7 months. No words can describe how I feel about this campaign and all the other campaigns that ACERO provided. One of the refugees told me that when he will get to America, he will work and donate for ACERO to help other refugees. It is a great joy to hear that from a needy person! Thank you ACERO for being with us all the way long. We are most grateful to ACCM also, thank you very much.”

Our recent campaign saw the following numbers assisted in the following regions:

– 14 family in Tokat
– 2 families in Afyon
– 2 families in Mardin
– 4 families in Jankiri
– 1 family in Yozgat
– 1 family in Kirrikale
– 8 families in Istanbul
– 1 family in Nideh
– 3 families in Duzja

Christina is now settled in California and we would like to express our deepest gratitude for her dedicated and tireless service to ACERO in Turkey in which she reached hundreds of people across nearly 10 regions across the country all while she was herself a refugee. People like Christina are true heros!

On behalf of ACERO we wish Christina and her family the very best of luck for the future and may God bless her always.

ACERO Continues Baghdad Aid Campaign – 600 Families

November 25th, 2016|

ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter has continued to work closely with parish priests to meet the humanitarian needs of families in the city.

By means of the generous donations received from supporters, ACERO has over the last few months reached approximately 600 families with financial aid.

We have also carried out much needed refurbishments to the Camp Al-Gailani Elderly Home run by the Assyrian Church of the East in Baghdad. This work has included much-needed plastering, re-wiring and painting of both the inside rooms and outer building. The ongoing support to the beloved elderly Assyrians is much needed and appreciated by them.

We express our immense thanks to The Rev’d Fr Awgin Hurmiz who has led this campaign and to Mr Salman Spanya and the ACERO Chapter team in Baghdad for the support they are providing on the ground in implementing our aid projects.

ACERO is also pleased to have the blessings and support of His Holiness Mar Gewargis III, Catholicos-Patriarch.

With Christmas approaching, we need your support now more than ever to continue this important work in Baghdad.

H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan Visits Dohuk Housing Project, Iraq

November 15th, 2016|

ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter today had the immense honour of welcoming His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon to ACERO’s Dohuk Housing Conplex.

Commencing the visit at 10am, the Metropolitan led prayers at the Complex and was given a tour of the facilities by Mr Odisho Dawood, care-taker of the site and Chairman of the Dohuk Chapter.

Accompanied by a number of reverend priests and other dignitaries, His Beatitude made time to visit with all residents and pray over those suffering from illnesses and other conditions.

ACERO’s UK Headquarters and the ACERO family around the world offer our thanks to His Beatitude for making the time to visit and for his ongoing support of ACERO’s work in the Middle East.

Medical Campaign in Jordan – 80 Families

November 8th, 2016|

Over the past few weeks, ACERO’s Jordan Chapter, under the leadership of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil has been working tirelessly to support the very sick amongst hundreds of refugees currently residing in Jordan. In recent weeks, ACERO has provided financial aid to 80 families with a variety of illnesses and disabilities including epilepsy, paralysis, diabetes, heart disease, blindness and amputations.

Due to the many individuals needing this type of support, this major campaign has lasted several weeks and we are grateful to The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil and the Jordan Chapter members (all themselves displaced by the conflict in the Nineveh Plains) who have devoted their time to personally visit each and every person in need. These selfless volunteers have worked to address the needs of the displaced families, provide support and give them the necessary aid to cover medical bills and general supplies.

Referring to ACERO’s support with this campaign, Rev’d Shmoel writes: “We pray to God for all of them to be blessed and to give them the power to continue this great humanitarian mission which aims to support the Mission members needs”.

Our work in Jordan in ongoing and is currently assisting approximately 300 displaced families.

Recent Programs at ACERO Dohuk Housing Complex

August 24th, 2016|

The ACERO Dohuk Housing Complex continues to be a hub of activity for its permanent residents and those who have taken refuge there after fleeing their ancestral towns in the Nineveh Plains. This has included ongoing distribution of food and material aid to the residents.

In recent weeks, ACERO has coordinated the below aid and relief programs at the Complex:

– On 21 August 2016, a team of doctors and medical professionals called on the residents at the Complex, examining the sick and distributing necessary medications free of charge.

– In August 2016, ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter distributed food aid to 46 families. This distribution coincided with the sad death of three persons associated with ACERO in Northern Iraq. ACERO offered its deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

– A new water tank was installed replacing the previous one which was affected by general wear-and-tear. For the good health of the residents, a new 30,000 litre tank was installed and remains full in the event of water shortages during the hot summer.

These are some of the ongoing aid and relief activities at the Dohuk Housing Complex. While the residents are well cared for by ACERO, they do require ongoing aid and support.