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ACERO Aid Project in Turkey – 45 Families

"No words can describe the joy in our hearts at the magnificent job that ACERO is doing for our people" - Assyrian refugee in Istanbul, Turkey ACERO's work in support of Assyrian Christian refugees in Turkey has now been operating for more than 3 years. In that time, it has [...]

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Baghdad Food Program – In Partnership with Barnabas Fund

ACERO's Baghdad program continues with recent food parcel distributions in our Parishes across the Capital. We are delighted to announce that we can continue such distributions with thanks to our incredible donors as well as sponsorship from our partners at Barnabas Fund. ACERO Secretary, Andy Darmoo and his wife, Agnes, [...]

2021-02-04T23:42:14+00:00November 9, 2017|0 Comments

Baghdad Aid Program Continues – Summer School and Graduation

ACERO’s Baghdad Chapter turned its focus to education once again by sponsoring summer school classes in three parishes of the Assyrian Church of the East across the Capital. The sponsorship of this programme was in partnership with the Assyrian Christian Compassion Ministry (ACCM). Between June-September 2017, classes were held across [...]

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Diana Project Launch and Food Aid Distribution

ACERO’s Northern Iraq Chapter has launched a major aid campaign for approximately 200 families living in Diana. On 24th August, families gathered at St. George's Assyrian Church of the East, under the stewardship of Rev. Qasha Yatron Yonan to receive essential food parcels. In attendance were also Fredoun Benjamin, Treasurer, [...]

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Dohuk Area Aid Distribution – Iraq

On 23 August, ACERO distributed food parcels to 73 families at the ACERO Housing Complex in Dohuk and to displaced people in neighboring villages. Financial aid was also distributed to many handicapped people and assistance was granted for the purchase of medicines. Fredoun Benjamin, Treasurer of ACERO - US accompanied [...]

2021-02-04T23:42:14+00:00August 24, 2017|0 Comments

ACERO Aid Distribution – Amman, Jordan

ACERO is delighted to report on its most recent aid distribution in support of displaced Assyrian Christians in Amman, Jordan. In partnership with our project partner the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, ACERO distributed financial aid to 125 refugees most of whom are suffering from serious and chronic medical issues requiring [...]

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Education and Aid Program – Kirkuk

Within the confines of the Assyrian Church of the East Parish of Mar Gewargis, Kirkuk, ACERO with the help of Rev.Gewargis Yousif alongside his ACERO committee members have worked on the revitalisation of the Children's School. In an area which has seen years of turmoil and hardship, today young children [...]

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