Construction work on ACERO’s Sawra (Hope) Village Project near Semele, Northern Iraq is progressing at a rapid pace.

As reported by ACERO on 29 May, work commenced on 2 May 2015 and after a period of rapid progress, we are pleased to report that the Project is now nearly completion.

Recent advancements in the construction phase include the erection of the dining tent – a huge structure where Sawra residents will join together to partake in meals. The dining hall is designed measures 91ft (L) x 26ft (W) and will be fully equipped with dozens of tables and chairs, air conditioning, crockery and cutlery. It will facilitate 100 diners at any one time.

Additionally, the kitchen facility being arranged measures 10m x 6m and will be purpose built to serve the communal dining room. This area will give tenants the opportunity to cook all their own meals. It will include industrial size ovens and hobs, large freezers and refrigerators, pots and pans – all to facilitate the cooking needs of the tenants and to complement the dining area.

In addition to the dining hall and kitchen facilities, dwelling structures and ablution units are also nearing completion.

ACERO’s Sawra (Hope) Village Project is in direct partnership with our long-standing partner organisation, The Barnabas Fund and could not have been possible without the great help and cooperation of Barnabas’ International Director, The Rev’d Patrick Sookhdeo. Our tremendous thanks also to Mr Gary Stockton and Mr Samer Tadros (our foremen on the ground) who have worked tirelessly in support of this massive undertaking. The mentioned gentleman, other Barnabas and ACERO representatives along with ACERO Secretary Mr Andy Darmoo are seen inspecting the site in these pictures.

The estimated completion date for the Project is currently 15 July 2015 with a view to the first residents moving in by the end of July. Of course, all dates are subject to the preparation of the entire site, conditions on the ground and other local regulatory requirements.