While the world’s attention has turned to the turmoil gripping Iraq in 2014, we should not forgot the historical catastrophe facing Syria. Syria’s Christians have not been spared from the unthinkable crisis in the country.

Assyrian Christians in Syria are in dire need of ongoing support for life’s daily necessities.

In addition to those suffering in Syria, the Assyrian Church of the East in Beirut, Lebanon is currently hosting a minimum of 1500 refugee families from Syria and struggling to meet their needs housing, educational, medical and food needs.

To all our generous supporters; ACERO has not forgotten Syria! In the 8 months from April – December 2014 alone, ACERO provided direct aid of $120,000 USD and is continuing to provide aid on a weekly basis to support Assyrian and other Christian communities in Hassaka and the Khabour region, Damascus and Qamishli.

His Grace Mar Afram Athneil, Bishop of Syria and Chairman of ACERO has sent the below letter thanking all donors for their kindness and support.