Relief Campaign for 70 Families – Dohuk

On 1 September 2014, ACERO implemented a relief campaign for displaced Christian families currently residing in and around the area of the Ancient Church of the East in Dohuk. Heading up the aid effort on the ground, Odisho Dawood, Chairman of ACERO's Dohuk Chapter said; "Today we distributed food and hygiene equipment (15 pieces per family) for 70 families; 55 displaced families, 10 from Sindor and a further 5 from Alqosh." ACERO Secretary Andy Darmoo expressed his thanks to all those that donate, namely from Australia, United States, Canada and Europe. ACERO will continue to use its full resources to support IDPs until the resolution of the current crisis and would like to thank for being present and taking pictures. An Arabic language report on this effort can also be viewed at:

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Major Relief Campaign – Sennacherib Club, Dohuk

On 13 August 2014, ACERO delivered humanitarian relief to 80 displaced families at the Sennacherib Sports Club, Dohuk. Aid packages distributed included a food hamper containing 15 items along with one foam mattress and pillow for each family. The 80 families were displaced from Baghdida, Bartalah, Telkaif, Batnaye, Teleskof, Sharafiah and Alqosh. It is noteworthy that the Governor of Dohuk, Farhad Atroshi, declared a State of Emergency last Tuesday following the influx of a large number of displaced people, mostly Assyrians, to Dohuk. Regrettably the authorities are unable to meet the service and shelter needs of the displaced. The work of organisations like ACERO is therefore paramount during this time of crisis.

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