Relief Campaign for 63 Families – Semele

On 30 August 2014, ACERO implemented a relief campaign for displaced Christian families currently residing in The Martyr’s Church of the Assyrian Church of the East in Semele. 

Food packages and supplies were distributed to 59 Christian families and 4 non-Christian families.

Present during the aid distribution was ACERO Secretary Mr Andy Darmoo who is visiting Iraq from the United Kingdom to review ACERO’s aid efforts.

Those displaced families present expressed their deep concern as to their situation with the forthcoming arrival of the winter season. All families remain unsure as to whether circumstances will exist to facilitate their repatriation to their ancestral towns and villages in the Nineveh Plains. They are gripped by a sense of fear, apprehension and confusion.

ACERO will continue to use its full resources to support IDPs until the resolution of the current crisis.

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Relief Campaign for 70 Families – Dohuk

On 1 September 2014, ACERO implemented a relief campaign for displaced Christian families currently residing in and around the area of the Ancient Church of the East in Dohuk.

Heading up the aid effort on the ground, Odisho Dawood, Chairman of ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter said; “Today we distributed food and hygiene equipment (15 pieces per family) for 70 families; 55 displaced families, 10 from Sindor and a further 5 from Alqosh.”

ACERO Secretary Andy Darmoo expressed his thanks to all those that donate, namely from Australia, United States, Canada and Europe.

ACERO will continue to use its full resources to support IDPs until the resolution of the current crisis and would like to thank for being present and taking pictures.

An Arabic language report on this effort can also be viewed at:

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Relief Campaign for 83 Families – Missorikeh

On the morning of Tuesday 26 August 2014, ACERO distributed relief to 83 displaced Christian families living in Missorikeh, Semele.

This aid was distributed at St Daniel’s Church of the Ancient Church of the East.

The emergency food hampers included 18 staple food items in multiple quantities.

ACERO’s tremendous work continues.

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Relief Campaign for 250 Families – Kawzinjak, Arbil

ACERO has provided humanitarian relief to almost 250 Christian families displaced from the Nineveh Plains and presently in Kawzinjak, Arbil. These families have found shelter in three halls and other facilities belong to St Yousif’s Church where the aid was distributed.

ACERO provided the church kitchen with 18 staple food items in a quantity that is sufficient for the ongoing needs of the displaced families.

During the same campaign, aid was also delivered to 10 displaced Christian families currently in the Kurdish (but historically Assyrian) village of Sundur.

These initiatives form part of ACERO ‘Mosul Appeal’ which has been providing ongoing aid and relief to displaced Christians from Mosul and the Nineveh Plains over the last two months.

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Relief Campaign for 140 Families – Diana, Arbil

In one of its largest campaigns to date, ACERO has distributed humanitarian food aid to displaced families who have taken refuge at St George Church, Diana, Arbil. In coordination with parish priest, Rev’d Fr Yatron Younan Dawood, much-needed aid was distributed to 140 Christian families.

ACERO’s tremendous work on the ground is only possible through the generosity of our supporters. Continue to help us that we may help those most in need.

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Aid Distribution in Kani Balavi, Warmel and Zawita

On Saturday 9th August 2014, ACERO distributed humanitarian aid to Internally Displaced Persons who have fled to the villages of Kani Balavi, Warmel and Zawita from the Nineveh Plains.

Urgent aid was distributed to Christian and other minority communities as follows: 59 families in Kani Balavi, 30 families in Warmel and 25 families living in destitute conditions in public places.

Aid packages distributed included a food hamper containing 14 items along with one foam mattress for each family.

This aid distribution follows a previous major campaign in Dohuk where relief was provided to more than 100 Christian families who had fled from Bashiqa, Bahzani, Bartalah, Baghdeda, Telkaif and Teleskof, all towns and villages in the Nineveh Plains, as a result of the Islamic State gaining control of the area.

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Relief Campaign In Full Force

ACERO has put into operation a major relief effort for Christian families internally displaced from Mosul and the Nineveh Plains.

The first campaign was conducted at St George’s Church in East Dohuk which is currently hosting 55 displaced Christian families from Telkaif, Telisqof, Bartella, Bashiqa and Bahzani.

ACERO distributed bedding items and food hampers (containing 13 items per hamper) to 59 families currently residing in the church hall.

ACERO is intensifying its preparations to distribute significant aid to; 20 families at The Martyr’s Church in Semele, 26 families at the ACERO Housing Complex in Dohuk, 40 families in Dehi and 45 families in Kani Balavi.

Please help ACERO to be a lifeline of support for the suffering Christians of Northern Iraq.

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ACERO Responds to Escalated Conflict in Northern Iraq

The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation (ACERO) has launched another urgent campaign in response to the conflict currently engulfing parts of Northern Iraq.

Aid and relief is being targeted to Christians fleeing towns and villages which were previously deemed to be safe in the Nineveh Plains.

ACERO’s Dohuk Chapter officials have visited the following displaced families and registered them to receive urgent aid:

–        35 families in Kani Balavi

–        32 families in Dehi

–        15 families in Dohuk

ACERO is currently in the process of registering other families at St George’s Church in Dohuk and in The Martyr’s Church in Semele. Some of the displaced families in these two locations are from the village of Bashiqa (located 18 kilometres from Mosul).

Contact has also been made with officials at St John’s Church in Ankawa and other areas where displaced Christians have sought refuge.

At the present time ACERO is providing mattresses, blankets, food parcels and in some special cases financial aid for medication and rent.

ACERO thanks its supporters for their tremendous generosity which has enabled us to provide aid instantly.

With much gratitude,

Andy Darmoo


On Behalf of ACERO Trustees

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Mosul Appeal: ACERO Aid Program for 60 Families in Dohuk

ACERO’s ‘Mosul Appeal’ continued on 23 July 2014 with the distribution of food aid to 60 families displaced by the Mosul conflict.

ACERO, in collaboration with project partner the Assyrian Aid Society – Iraq, distributed aid to 15 Christian families, 15 Shabak families and 30 families who reside at the ACERO Dohuk Housing Complex.

Food packages included rice, sugar, oil, tomato past, chicken eggs, milk, bread, tea, cheese, cream, jam, canned fish and chicken and washing powder.

The need of displaced families is growing daily; particularly for other items including clothing, blankets, medicine and kitchen equipment.

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Mosul Appeal: Major ACERO Project Addresses Iraq Water Crisis 

The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation (ACERO) is pleased to announce that it has just launched a major water relief project in Northern Iraq. Within the context of the ongoing conflict in Iraq, all Iraqis, and minority communities in particular, have been directly affected by water shortages and general instability in the provision of basic services and utilities.

In order to meet this major water crisis and in response to the current sweltering Iraqi heat, ACERO has purchased a water tanker and is providing relief to families in dire need to water at no cost. ACERO provides all aid without regard to the denomination of those it supports, helping Christians from all churches in Iraq and where it is called upon to do so, to non-Christian groups including Arabs.

In this time of crisis, ACERO’s Trustees offer their immense appreciation to His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East who has given direct instructions to ACERO to direct all its financial efforts and manpower towards the relief of Iraq’s Christian communities wherever they are in need. His Holiness the Catholicos-Patriarch along with the Holy Synod of the Assyrian Church of the East are directing tireless efforts and action to address the impact of the conflict of Iraq’s Christian communities and have joined the effort in supporting the great work done by ACERO. His Holiness is personally monitoring the situation and supporting ACERO’s relief efforts.

ACERO also extends its appreciation to all its supporters, project partners and all people standing in solidarity with Iraq’s Christian communities. We once again welcome all financial contributions which will allow for the implementation of rapid relief programs.

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