Mosul Appeal: Project Update – New Arrivals

A message from the ACERO Secretary Dear Supporter, ACERO is pleased to announce that a further 95 families have arrived in Dohuk, with six at the ACERO Dohuk Housing Complex, with thanks to our Chapter in Dohuk, who were ready to extend help to all with blankets, mattresses, food parcels, almost immediately, thanks to our donors. I would also like to thank our Chapters in England, USA, and Australia, who are doing a fantastic job in helping our people worldwide. They have been able to collect funds and send them within hours to Nineveh, in Iraq especially, but also across the Middle East more generally. God bless our supporters and donors that we are in a position to help immediately, within our budget, our Christian brothers and sisters from all denominations with open arms. I also take this opportunity to thank who kindly covered this event in St Joseph's church with the attached photographs. God bless you for your support. How Can You Help? Your generous support will help ACERO to continue providing direct aid and relief to displaced residents of Mosul and the surrounding Nineveh region. Please show your support and concern by making an urgent contribution online securely in your preferred currency. Yours sincerely, Andy Darmoo Secretary