We are delighted to report that ACERO aid distributions have taken in place for the very needy and very sick IDPs in Turkey. Due to the high demand and continuing struggles of 200 people currently residing across the country, this is the second distribution of this type in the last three months. Many of those who received help suffer from a variety of illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems and physical disabilities.

It is our policy not to post photos of these most vulnerable persons, however regarding ACEROs help so far, our representative on the ground Danny Lucas writes:

‘I just want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for all that ACERO has provided….it has been almost three years since ACERO started helping the people in Turkey…. people needed help for Christmas and they got that help so, thank you so much for being so understanding. 200 people(39 families) got help all over Turkey. You did an amazing job by donating and supporting people, especially in winter. People need help for their bills to be paid, food and their health issues.. I would like to thank ACERO from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work that they have done for the past three years. Honestly, no words can describe our gratitude towards this wonderful organization’

We in turn thank Danny and his team for his tireless work in reaching all these families who are spread across the country.