On 3 February 2015 we reported that a 13 pallet consignment of clothing goods was shipped to ACERO’s Iraq headquarters in Dohuk from Northern Ireland. This was made possible through the support of our institutional project partner, the Barnabas Fund and the tireless efforts of Hazel Knox, Michael Hewitt and Wilson and Audrey Doory.

We are pleased to report that after being sorted and arranged, the items have begun to be distributed throughout Northern Iraq from 13 February 2015 and as follows:

– Dohuk Headquarters: 20 cartons distributed to 54 families (at the ACERO Housing Complex)
– Kani Balavi: 7 cartons distributed to 32 families (at St Mary’s Church)
– Kori Gavana: 16 cartons distributed to 90 families (at Mart Shmoni Church)
– En Baqreh: 10 cartons distributed to 48 families (Mar Addai Church)
– Sorka: 7 cartons distributed to 32 families (St George’s Church)
– Babillo: 10 cartons distributed to 70 families (Mar Yosip Church)
– Bagere: 11 cartons distributed to 58 families (St Mary’s Church)

Our profound thanks to supporters in Northern Ireland for their generosity and concern for the suffering Assyrian Christians in this their hour of need. We pray that these items may provide some small measure of comfort and dignity to our displaced people during these harrowing days.