ACERO has not and will not forget the hundreds of needy families currently residing in Jordan. Over the last few months we have reached almost 400 families in countries where the concentration of refugees is at its highest.

Throughout the bitterly cold winter and with living conditions deteriorating, each family was gifted with financial aid to go towards paying bills, heating, groceries and medication.

Our sincerest thanks goes to The Very Rev’d Cor-Bishop Awgin Hurmiz Dawood and Rev’d Fr. Esha and the committee of the Mission of Mart Shmoni who successfully distributed aid to 367 families currently residing in Jordan.

The Very Rev’d Cor-Bishop Awgin has told us:

” … again you were able to draw a smile on the face of our refugees in Jordan…….and send a clear message that ‘WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU’ … you were able to help the neediest and the sick ….for this we thank you and pray God will always use you for the glory of His name and give you the courage and wisdom to fulfil His will”.

This project was made possible through the generosity of ACERO project partner, the Assyrian Christian Compassion Ministry (ACCM) of San Jose, USA. ACERO extends its deepest appreciation to the Directors and supporters of the ACCM for their generosity and concern for displaced Assyrian refugees in Jordan and also for their help for refugees in Turkey.